Wrong language branch in XhtmlString links



Me, customer and the end-users have noticed a peculiar feature with internal page links inside a XhtmlString. Sometimes the links point to a wrong language branch, even though the link language is set to "automatic" which should use the current language branch. The problem occurs on non-master-language branches where the link sometimes directs to the master branch instead of the current language branch.

This happens randomly, so I guess there might be some race condition between resolving the current language by url and rendering the page links within XhtmlString.

I wonder if this issue has something to do with a workaround we applied for resolving an issue with simple addresses. We define our site language in config by this occult ritual that eases the issue with simple addresses. If this is the cause, and we remove it, then simple addresses break up with non-master languages.  

<add name="*" language="fi" />
<add name="mysite.fi" />


Has anyone advices for this fail-fail-situation? :)


Mar 18, 2014 0:05

As of the moment, the Bug #105507 Simple address problems with language attribute still remains unfixed, though the status says "Closed, Fixed and Tested" :) So that's no solution.

Edited, Mar 18, 2014 0:12
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