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Alt text in an image (MVC Views)


Hi all

I'm trying to do something that I thought would be sinmple bu tisn't. I have a contentreference property with an image ui hint. I want to display this in a view with another page property that represents its alt text. I have

 @Html.PropertyFor(x => Model.CurrentBlock.MainImage, new { alt = "jellycat" })

The image comes out bu the alt text doesn't. I undetsand why - the second param is for specific functionality - custom tags.

So hiow to do it. I could write it out manually then pwerhaps put into a display template with a suitable model but then what is the best way to get the contentreference to the image url. Is there a helper availabel in the View to do this?

Please help - i'm being frustrated by a simple task





Apr 04, 2014 13:43

You could do something like this:

  @Html.PropertyFor(x => x.Image, new { AltText = "something" })


and then in your image display template (typically image.cshtml):

  <img src="@Url.ContentUrl(Model)" alt="@ViewBag.AltText" />


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Gabriel - Sep 23, 2022 19:29
Super helpful - thanks!

Do you have any DisplayTemplate for `Url` model?

One of the possibility to implement this is to have a specific display template for `EPiServer.Url` property.

Page type definition:

[Display(Name = "Image url", Order = 10)]
public virtual Url ImageUrl { get; set; }


Display template (usually located at /Views/Shared/DisplayTemplates/Image.cshtml):

@model EPiServer.Url

@if (Model != null && !Model.IsEmpty())
	<img src="@Model" alt="@(ViewData.ContainsKey("alt") ? ViewData["alt"] : string.Empty)"/>


Usage in view:

@Html.PropertyFor(x => Model.CurrentBlock.MainImage, new { alt = "jellycat" })


Apr 04, 2014 14:00

Thanks everyone for your responses. I've implements Per's solution which is working nicely.

Thanks for all the help - much appreciated

Apr 04, 2014 15:31

Yay, I win!

Just kidding, Valdis ;-)

Apr 04, 2014 15:43


Apr 04, 2014 17:43

I think I'm the winner in this really. Thanks to everyone for help

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