ClassicLinkRoute with VirtualRole


I have a custom virtual role setup to allow read access to content items based on a token in the URL. This was working fine until the 7.5 update to the routing since I was using the 'ClassicLinkRoute'.

On this document:
we can add the classic route back in using: 

protected override void RegisterRoutes(System.Web.Routing.RouteCollection routes)
            routes.Insert(0, ServiceLocator.Current.GetInstance());

but this breaks the CMS routing. I only want the route to run if the querystring is present, so I created a class inheriting from ClassicLinkRoute and over rode the GetRouteData to check for the querystring value and registered my custom route. The override is:

        public override RouteData GetRouteData(HttpContextBase httpContext)
            if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(httpContext.Request.QueryString["token"]))
                return base.GetRouteData(httpContext);

            return null;

but this prevents my virtualrole from being picked up.

How can I get this ClassicLinkRoute to work with my custom VirtualRoleProvider?

Jul 03, 2014 4:15
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