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Datafactory deleted page event


In EPI 7.5, I cannot get the page deleted/deleting event to fire when removing pages through the GUI.  It doesn't fire on moving an item to the tash, nor when I empty the trash.  I can successfully hook in to other events (like creating/created), just nothing on delete.

Is this a bug, known behavior, or just a coding failure on my part?  I want to do some cleanup post delete.  I've seen some older posts dealing with EPi 6 and emptying the trash, but nothing on 7.5

EDIT: after more testing, it appears like the delete event is called, but I'm given the content ID of the wastebasket itself, rather than for each page in the wastebasket.



Aug 11, 2014 18:03

The event args to the Deleted event has a property DeletedDescendents that will be set with all descendents that will be deleted. When emptying wastebasket a call is made to DeleteChildren with wastebasket as argument which is the cause that it is the wastebasket id you see.

Aug 12, 2014 7:28
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