Routing on forms



I'm having trouble with routing when posting form from another language other than default. 
For example . I've got this

@using (Html.BeginForm("AddToCart", null , new { node = Model.Variation.ContentLink}, FormMethod.Post, new {id = "AddToCartForm"}))

which generates my post form

which works fine, but when I switch to Russian language for example. Html.BeginForm generates action 

Now I tried different routings for this, but nothing changed. I still get 404 not found error.
Should the routing be something like this?

                new { action = "Index" });

What should I look for or try and change? 
Using episerver 9


Oct 29, 2015 15:28

I figured it out. The post address on form was generated wrong. I managed to get it right with UrlResolver,
<form action="@UrlResolver.Current.GetUrl(Model.Variation.ContentLink)AddToCart" id="AddToCartForm" method="post">

but now I'm having a new problem . 

After Post I try to RedirectToAction, but again 404 Not Found error pops up. It tries to redirect to default address again. 

How can I prevent it from redirecting to 

And instead get the right address

My current Action looks like this. 

        public ActionResult AddToCart(GeneralVariation currentContent, int amount)
            VariationLogic variationLogic = new VariationLogic(_contentLoader, currentContent, _marketHelper, _logger);

            return RedirectToAction("Index", new {node = currentContent.ContentLink});

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