Chinese simplified character encoding


Hi All

We are facing an issue with chinese simplifed character encoding on one of our stage server  (it works fine on all dev / QA and other stage server).

The page output is converting chinese characters into question mark, diamonds and other shapes . 

Scenario is

We are using IIS ARR reverse proxy to integrate some of our global sites into EPiServer site . We've a page in CMS which takes the iframe src and iframe loads the external site using reverse proxy.

Those external sites are in English and Chinese languages .

All sites works fine .

However one of the page for a external chinese site is mangling the characters and thats only happened in one on our stage server. While direclty access that external page shows no issues, its only causes encoding issues while iframing into our EPiserver page.

We've compared all the settings such as machine.config, globalization, IIS settings, and page meta tags which is gb2312 as expected,  between working and non-working version of page and no difference spotted.

Any Ideas?



Nov 10, 2015 1:16

Try this rule based on your requirements
<set name="HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING" value="" /> 

Can you please share your rule set?


Edited, Nov 10, 2015 14:28

Have you compared ARR Version on both servers and your dev?


Nov 10, 2015 14:35

Hello Khan

Yes HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING is in place , and ARR is same version.  Just an update it doesnt look like a problem with ARR . We see the same problem if we access that page through code without any proxy.

Nov 11, 2015 12:12

That looks some enviornmental issue. (If it has not been tested before, ) It will be worthy to pass the request to your infrastructure team also and compare the both servers for all IIS module, .Net packages, Windows Patches etc .


Nov 11, 2015 17:21
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