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Media assets missing after migration (6R2->8)


Hi all,

We've migrated an EPiServer 6 R2 website to EPiServer 8 in steps and media assets doesn't show up EPi 8 assets pane (in edit mode). We can't add any files or blocks as well.

Migration steps were these: EPi 6 -> EPi 7 -> Epi 7.5 -> EPi 8

We used the VPP migration tool to convert to media assets. We get errors on some missing files but 99,9 % of the files are converted. No other errors.

  • SiteAssetsRoot property in EPi database seems to be correct and appDataPath is correct as well.
  • Blobs folder exists in the migrated VPP and it has a lot of files.
  • We've compared episerverframework.config with a default EPi 8 website and can't find any issues.

This topic is related but no solution:

Anyone got a clue?


Mar 26, 2015 10:23

Can add some more info on this issue:

The Assets pane in edit mode is completely empty, no folders or items.

If you click "add folder" in the assets pane, nothing seem to happen, but if you look at the "set access rights" in admin mode, there is a "new folder" item created directly under the root container.

Running stored procedure 'netContentRootList' in sql manager get 1889 & 1890 as id for the Globalassets and ContentAssets respectively.

If I go to edit mode and manually enter the url for these ID's, I will get the same file and folder list as a working epi site. Also, I can edit media assets (like images) just fine if it enter the content id in the url.

Mar 26, 2015 12:06

Steps to reproduce:

Migrate EPi 6 R2 website -> 7.0 -> 7.5

  • Setup EPi 7.5 website and database.
    Point to correct VPP with Documents, Global and PageFiles folder.
    Make sure these exist in episerverframework.config.
  • Run VPP Migration Tool on the EPi 7.5 website.
    Now you can see all migrated files in media assets pane. Everything works.
  • Setup migrated EPi 8 website, use a backup of the EPi 7.5 database.
  • Run update-epidatabase Nuget command and browse to the EPi 8 website.
    Now media assets pane is empty.
Mar 26, 2015 13:37


Can you check if the media asset contents present in tblContent? What are their statuses?


Mar 26, 2015 15:43

Hi Quan,

There are data in tblContent. What do you mean by status?

BR Jens

Mar 27, 2015 11:57

I meant information such as their fkParentID, ContentPath and ContentType. Are them correct?


Mar 27, 2015 12:07

So we have just about resolved this, the bad guy was a json converter that worked just fine on at least 5 other sites, but on this one it seem to have disturbed the block tree somehow. It was part of a specialized property we didnt use anyways.

I rather not post the code here as it might be indexed and since it can break the edit mode we wouldnt want anyone to use it, but anyways, the actual code that broke the block tree is shown is this pastebin:

The WriteJson method (and subsequently the ConvertTo method) will get called a few times for both the site root page and the content assets root container if you F5 the edit mode, and this breaks the block tree somehow. Removing the JsonConverter service config attribute will make everything work again.

Mar 30, 2015 16:38
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