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Upgrading to 8.1 from 7.11



Has anyone upgraded successfully from 7.11 (with Commerce) to 8.1? If so, can you tell me how you did this as we are having a nightmare. We are on day 2 and still the site is broken.

Is there a definative order to upgrade the site and CMS using NuGet?

At present we are having this error - it's a roliing error that we are now stuck on (What I mean by rolling is that we have encountered numerous other errors which we think we have resolved ie: missing or older version dlls etc).


An older version of the add-on system (EPiServer.Packaging.UI 3.0) is installed, it is not compatible with the current version of the platform. Install the latest version of "EPiServer.Packaging.UI" from NuGet."

We have installed 3.2.1 and still we see this error - but the worry is, once we fix this it probably will move on to the next issue - god knows what that will be.

Any help is appreciated. By the way - we have looked at the numerous posts on how to upgrade to 8 but none cover possible issues such as these.



Mar 11, 2015 18:14

Have you tried to clean the solution (from Visual Studio) and then manually delete all files in first the bin folder?

It could also meen you have dll files left in the old Modules and ModulesBin that used to be in the AppData-path folder, or bin files in the old modulesbin directly below the root folder.

Mar 11, 2015 20:22

Check EPiServerFramework.config and virtualpathproviders. You should have a one called proctedaddons with a value similar to [appdatapath]\Modules. As Henrik mentioned, you proberbly have old module dlls in that folder. Remove/move the files and folders there and change the path of protectedaddons to modules\_protected (might work to remove the entry completely as it is specified in web.config not sure tho). Then reinstall any "missing" modules with nuget if needed.

This should somewhat be handled by the upgrade but it is not.

Mar 11, 2015 23:10


No this didnt work.

Does anyone have a step by step guide for upgrading to 8.1? It would be great to have steps such as:

1. Using Nuget install XXXX

2. Using Nuget Install XXXX

outlining which Dlls and packages need to be installed and in which order. Plus include steps for upgrading FIND and Commerce.

We need to start again as we are sure we didnt do the updates in the right order.



Mar 12, 2015 14:34

After much trial and error I have given up on just using nuget to upgrade our site to version 8. What I am now doing is I created a new CMS+Commerce 8 solution to get a clean working solution, copy all the code from my 7.1 solution and fix any compile errors. This gives me an empty working version 8 website.

To get the database upgraded I use the follwing steps:

- Update a 7.1 solution to 7.5 using the deployement center.

- Link this database to a working 7.5 solution and import the VPP files. This solution is a copy of my 7.1 solution from step 1, but I removed all my own code to get it compiled. I only implemented the Media types used by the VPP migration tool. It resulted in a 'working' site. It doesn't do or shows anything, but that does not matter here. I had to manually update my 7.1 nugets packages to 7.5 nuget packages.

- Attach the database to my newly 8 solution and run the website. It will give an error about incorrect version, but the act of starting the website adds some required records in the database. Then use epi_updatedatase to update the database and now my site works. :)

Next challenge for me is to get the commerce workflows up and running.

Mar 13, 2015 12:12

There is one more thing to try before giving up.

There might be old version of EPiServer.Packaging.dll and EPiServer.Packaging.UI.dll in /modulesbin and new versions get copied to /bin during build. If they exist on both places, /modulesbin in some situations can get scanned first and caboom the execution.

Apr 08, 2015 14:46
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