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Versioning question - media files + pages


Hello I have the following interesting versioning question:

Here is small scenario:

I have Page X on which I have put Image Y and linked to PDF file Z. This happens on date 10.05.2015 (for example).

Now, editor has to edit content, he/she creates new versions of Image Y and PDF Z, and Page X, which gets approved on 01.06.2015.

On 12.09.2015 comes auditor and asks us to show him the page as it looked on 12.05.2015 (the old content and the old Image and the old PDF file). Is this possible with current state of CMS. I use the following modules:

EPiServer.CMS                  8.0.0                Add EPiServer CMS to a web project                                                                                                                   
EPiServer.CMS.Core             8.0.0                EPiServer CMS Core Assemblies                                                                                                                        
EPiServer.CMS.UI               8.0.0                This package contains content resources, such as javascripts and css-files for the EPiServer user interface.                                         
EPiServer.CMS.UI.Core          8.0.0                This package contains the runtime assemblies for the EPiServer user interface.                                                                       
EPiServer.ContentCollaboration           This collaboration tool enables editors to be able to collaborate with other editors real-time around content.                                       
EPiServer.Framework            8.0.0                EPiServer Framework Assemblies                                                                                                                       
EPiServer.Logging.Log4Net      1.0.0                EPiServer Logging for log4net                                                                                                                        
EPiServer.Packaging            3.2.1                Provides core components for the EPiServer Add-on store                                                                                              
EPiServer.Packaging.UI         3.2.1                Provides the user interface for the EPiServer Add-on store                

Mar 03, 2015 16:43


There is no built in "time machine" in EPiServer to achieve something like this. Creating a fully product quality solution to show a page with all assets at a given time is a really hard task since you need to find all content, assets, templates and even data from external systems at a given date and time. I know that there has been discussions about solving this need by having functionality that simply takes a snap shot of all pages at given times and saves these on a service that can handle massive amount of data. I'm not sure if anyone has actually done this though.

Mar 04, 2015 8:59


Thanks for the reply! I agree that this is a hard task to achieve. Though, if we focus only on content (ommit template changes), and this would be local conent, would that make the task easier? I could probably take the page as it was on the date. But do I have explicit reference in the object model to all referrenced internal content items (like media), or I have to parse the page content to extract blocks and raw content to check for dependencies?

Mar 04, 2015 9:12
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