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How to create a ContentArea inside a Block for a Parallax effect?



Is it possible to create a ContentArea in a Block so we can manipulate the width. Basically we need to create a site that we can add multiple rows to get a Parallax type effect.

Is this possible or does anyone know or has done a Parallax type site that the user can add as many rows to the page as they desire with the blocks they desire inside the contentArea (Row) and NOT fixed layout - it needs to be able to allow the CMS user the ability to add what they like to the page.?

Many thanks


Jan 28, 2016 18:27

You can have a content area in a block yes.

So you can have blocks in blocks etc.

I would think once or twice before using it though.

It can make life for editors tricky. I prefer to keep my blocks without contentareas for this reason.

Jan 28, 2016 23:03

Do you ahve any example code that can show how this is done?

Jan 29, 2016 9:18

I imagine that for your scenario it would be better to create Parallax page type with single ContentArea. Then you put Blocks as rows in it. You do not need blocks to have ContentArea. 

Here is an article about how to create ContentArea rendering as rows:

Jan 29, 2016 10:22

For adding an ContentArea to a page you can check out

Jan 29, 2016 12:08

I was interested in Jon D Jones Parallax attempt - but Im getting this error:

No default Instance is registered and cannot be automatically determined for type ‘XXX.ContentRepository.IContentRepositoryFactory’

There is no configuration specified for XXX.ContentRepository.IContentRepositoryFactory

1.) new EpiServerDependencies(*Default of IContentRepositoryFactory*, *Default of ILinkResolverFactory*, *Default of IContextResolverFactory*)
2.) XXX.Dependencies.EpiServerDependencies
3.) Instance of XXX.Dependencies.EpiServerDependencies
4.) Container.GetInstance(XXX.Dependencies.EpiServerDependencies)

Do you know why this is – am I missing something?
Edited, Feb 01, 2016 15:01

I have only just seen this.  You need to include the structor map dependencies in your project.  Look in App_Code/StructureMapSetUp.cs

May 26, 2016 0:40
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