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Hide custom Content Provider from Content Selctor?



I developed a custom content provider that is being uside in RHS panel. Is it to hide it from the content selector popup? If so, what's the best way go implement it - maybe a custom unit hint / editor descritor?

Many thanks,


Feb 08, 2016 17:26

You can configure content providers capabilities in web.config

Feb 08, 2016 17:37


I am not sure if I was clear enough. I would like contentselctor not to display my provider in the content selector:

Hope it makes sesne now.


Feb 08, 2016 17:53

My best guess would be a new EditorDescriptor and ui hint yes.

Pretty much config needed for the basic plumbing for this property. Good start to check out

Restricting allowed types on contentselector is probably the easiest way?

Pretty new feature that one so check that it's available for your version before trying :)

Feb 08, 2016 23:52

Please see my answer in this thread I will also post the code here if the link would end up broken in the future.

Return null for LinkableTypes in your MediaRepositoryDescriptor.

public class YourRepositoryDescriptor : MediaRepositoryDescriptor
    private readonly IContentProviderManager ProviderManager;
    public YourRepositoryDescriptor(IContentProviderManager providerManager)
        this.ProviderManager = providerManager;
    public static new string RepositoryKey { get { return YourSettings.ProviderKey; } }
    public override string Key { get { return RepositoryKey; } }
    // Disble in link dialog
    public override IEnumerable<Type> LinkableTypes { get { return null; } }
    public override string Name { get { return YourSettings.ProviderName; } }
    public override string SearchArea { get { return RepositoryKey; } }
    public override IEnumerable<ContentReference> Roots
        get { return new[] { this.ProviderManager.GetProvider(YourSettings.ProviderKey).EntryPoint }; }
    public override IEnumerable<Type> ContainedTypes
        get { return new[] { typeof(YourMediaFolder), typeof(YourMediaItem }; }
Feb 09, 2016 0:08

I agree with Johan

Feb 09, 2016 14:18
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