Epi Server 9, MVC, SPA, Angular, Edit Mode


Hey guys,

I am looking for some ideas.

I have an epi server website which is effectively a SPA built with Angular. Angular takes care of routing. Some blocks have angular stuff on them and are part of the SPA so function with all the Angular bits already loaded. All this works great. The difficulty comes when you need to edit something in the Epi Admin section.

In order to get the pages to render something, I had to add the required layout pages inside  a block which checks if they are in edit mode or not. This takes care of loading the styles and all the Javascript files required for the app to function. When you run the website, certain functions trigger but in edit mode nothing happens. What I would like is to load some hardcoded data, when the page is in edit mode so I can see what it would look like with real data. 

Has anyone done this before and can provide some ideas on how to accomplish this ?

Mar 08, 2016 14:29

There will always be issues getting templates to work inside Edit Mode. In this case, since it seems like you don't have a HTML fallback for your pages, I would recommend to send the editors straight to the Forms Editing panel. I don't think you can get things to work good with on page editing if that much is being done with javascript.

Mar 09, 2016 21:20

that's fine, problem solved. There are ways to make this work :)

Mar 10, 2016 15:15

Hi Andrie,

I am looking for some directions to get some idea on integrating EPI with AngularJS. Can you please help. 

Are you using EPI API to get the content?

Jun 02, 2016 23:22
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