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episerver RestStore not initializing


I have an initializer in the /clientresources/scripts/ModuleInitializer.js. for some reason, when i use this, i keep getting an error stating that the store with name 'supporteddisplayoptions' doesn't exist.  WHAT AM I MISSING.  I am trying to implement the supporteddisplayoptions i found on the web but for somereason, it is failing to register the store.

], function (
) {
    return declare([_Module], {
        initialize: function () {
            var registry = this.resolveDependency("epi.storeregistry");

            //Register the store
            registry.add("supporteddisplayoptions", this._getRestPath("supporteddisplayoptions"));

        _getRestPath: function (name) {
            return routes.getRestPath({ moduleArea: "app", storeName: name });
Mar 16, 2016 20:53
Mar 16, 2016 20:56


The moduleInitializer should be included in module.config. Please check if you added this:

<clientModule initializer="app.ModuleInitializer">
         <add dependency="CMS" type="RunAfter" />

Then you could run Developer Tools and check in Network Tab if ModuleInitializer.js is loaded.

Mar 18, 2016 17:14

Good Day Grzegorz,

this is what my module config looks like.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Do i have somthing wrong in here.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
      <add name="menupin" path="Scripts/MenuPin" />
      <add name="app" path="Scripts" />
  <clientModule initializer="menupin.MenuPinInit">
      <add dependency="CMS" type="RunAfter" />
      <add name="geta-tags-vendor" />
      <add name="geta-tags-styles" />
  <clientModule initializer="app.ModuleInitializer">
      <add dependency="CMS" type="RunAfter" />
    <add assembly="Geta.Tags" />
    <add assembly="MyAssembly" />
    <add name="epi-cms.widgets.base" path="Styles/Styles.css" resourceType="Style" />
    <add name="epi-cms.widgets.base" path="Scripts/widget/DisplayOptionSelector.js" resourceType="Script" />
    <add name="geta-tags-vendor" path="Geta.Tags/vendor/jquery-2.1.0.min.js" resourceType="Script" sortIndex="1" />
    <add name="geta-tags-vendor" path="Geta.Tags/vendor/jquery-ui.min.js" resourceType="Script" sortIndex="2" />
    <add name="geta-tags-vendor" path="Geta.Tags/vendor/tag-it.min.js" resourceType="Script" sortIndex="3" />
    <add name="geta-tags-styles" path="Geta.Tags/styles/jquery.tagit.css" resourceType="Style" sortIndex="1" />
    <add name="geta-tags-styles" path="Geta.Tags/styles/tagit.ui-zendesk.css" resourceType="Style" sortIndex="2" />
    <add name="geta-tags" path="Geta.Tags" />
Edited, Mar 19, 2016 0:15

Pretty sure it is becuase i have 2 clientModule Folders.  Just curious how i can run 2 initialize methods for clientModule?  any ideas or samples.  Sorry for being a pain

Mar 19, 2016 1:45


Please check if the module was loaded - you should find it in network tab.

Network tab

For testing, you could also try to remove Menu Pin for a while and see and the module starts loading.

Mar 21, 2016 14:08

Good morning Grzegorz,

It appears that when i remove the menu pin, everything works as it should.

So since i have this working without another module, is there a way to get multiple initializers going at once?

Mar 21, 2016 15:12

Hi Joshua

Slightly late to the party but this post might explain why this issue occured in the first place:


Aug 10, 2016 11:36
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