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EPI CMS MVC Application



I am trying to create a brand new MVC applicating using EPI CMS. I create the confgs and binaries using deployment center 7.5 and included those in the solution. 

I am able to run the application successully. By detauls site url takes me to resource not found page and when I added /episerver/cms it takes me to the application editable page. But its not editable. 

I am kind of confused about the start up page/controller. I gone through MVC alloy template and couldnt understand the pipeline. Can anyone explain me the page flow in Alloy template. Its such a huge template and not suitable for a beginner. if there is any simple application available, can you point to me as well. Thanks a lot.

Jun 04, 2016 3:43

Hi Vipin.

It sounds to me like a small Episerver configuration change is missing. Episerver has to be told what page to use as a Start Page for a given hostname. There are a few examples if you look in the Episerver documentation, but this image should cover what you need. It configures a site named "Campaign site" for a given URL that uses the page "Start" as Start Page for the site.

Please note that you need to create an instance of your StartPage (in above example that is called "Start") inside the Edit-mode part of Episerver. Be aware that it may required you to enable a Language and activate that Language for your Root page. Something similar has been covered by a Blog Post written by Dejan Caric:

I hope this enabled you to get your site up and running. :-)

Casper Aagaard Rasmussen


Jun 04, 2016 12:44

1. Create a start page content type in code

2. Create a controller that inherits from Episervers base controller for the start page content type.

3. Create a view to render the Startpage

4. Log into admin mode and give yourself access rights in content tree.

5. Switch to edit mode and create a startpage below root.

6. In admin, check that settings for the website and make sure it uses your start page. Also check that host is correct...

Read some matching documention here

Edited, Jun 04, 2016 20:56

Thanks you. I am able to run it now.

Jun 05, 2016 5:47

Nice! :) welcome to the Episerver cms then. Best CMS for developers btw :)

Jun 05, 2016 9:59
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