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Migrated EpiServer 8 site returns 404 on admin interface.


We migrated an EpiServer 8 site to a server, and the end-user facing side of the site works. But we are unable to navigate to the admin portion of the site.  When we navigate to mysite/episerver, the browser gets directed to the 404 page with the following URL:


The application event log on the server didn't show any helpful clues.  If I run the application locally, pointing to the same database as the site on this server, I'm able to access the admin interface.  So I'm guessing this is a problem with a database entry or a configuration setting.  What else can I investigate to fix this?  Thanks.

Aug 17, 2016 17:35

If there is some virtual directory setup in iis as Apps, try by removing that

Aug 17, 2016 22:42

Btw, it's actually a bit unclear if you really end up on the 404 page or the login page. The URL looks like a login page, or do you mean that the URL you posted is in the querystring on the 404 page?

Aug 18, 2016 0:30

You say that you are migrating, what are you migrating from and to?

It could be that you are missing files in the folder /modules/_protected/

Or it might be that you are still pointing out the wrong path to this in episerverframwork.config (or accually the VPP-settings for epi)

Aug 18, 2016 8:15

Thanks for the responses. We copied the solution from one of our servers to another to do some stress testing. We moved the site and related database from production to a testing server.  It works just fine on production.

After we copied it (and the database) to our testing environment, the home page site was blank.  So I manually edited two records in tblBigTable to make the site recognizable both on localhost and on the testing server.  So the end-user facing side would render correctly.  But the admin section displays a 404 page, but has this in the URL:


My initial thought was that perhaps there is another record in the database that needs to be adjusted to make the Admin section display properly.  The missing zip files mentioned in this post do appear in our copy.

Thanks so much for helping me out.

Aug 18, 2016 16:17
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