WebSocket connection failed - HTTP Authentication failed



It looks like WebSocket works in browser ie, but not in chrome.

When i start /episerver i get this error message in console.

WebSocket connection to 'ws://edit/EPiServer/Shell/socket/endpoint/' failed: HTTP Authentication failed; no valid credentials available (widgets.js:2)

I also get a dialog message

Real-time Updates

A Real-time connection could not be established with the server. This may be caused...................................

Does anybody know how to fix this.

This works, but i do not want to do that.


Aug 02, 2016 12:50

Forgot to add that i am using windows authentication on the edit server.

Aug 02, 2016 12:53

I think the issue here is that Chrome cache the old credentials and uses the same while requesting WebSocket endpoint. To confirm this you can open a new incognito window (a private window on FF) and browse to the edit page. 

Aug 03, 2016 16:03

Hi Khurram

Thanks for your input. I get the same error in incognito window.

Aug 04, 2016 8:58

It works if i change to forms authentication.

Aug 04, 2016 9:43

There was a change in a recent EPiServer which means if running through IIS you need to enable WebSocket Protocol in windows features, it would be worth checking this as I remember there was a popup error related to WebSockets when you don't have it enabled.

Aug 04, 2016 11:36

WebSocket protocol is enabled. It works in ie and firefox. And it work in chrome if i use forms authentication.

Aug 04, 2016 11:57

Did you find a solution for Windows authentication in chrome?

Oct 06, 2016 15:40

No. It is a chrome issue. Chrome will eventually support windows authentication for websockets.

Edited, Oct 06, 2016 15:51

Is this still an issue with Chrome? We're getting the same error when using windows authentication.

Jun 28, 2018 9:38

Yes. I have not seen any progress on this.

Jun 28, 2018 10:23

Windows Authentication for WebSockets was not correctly performed by the Chrome when you logged this bug.
You take it as a bug in Chrome or "not supported feature yet" in Chrome, it has nothing to do with EpiServer implementation.  

The progress for this bug/feature can be monitered here https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=423609 I'm not sure about the latest development but as soon as this bug is fixed in Chrome, your EpiServer deployment will start working with WebSockets.

Jun 28, 2018 10:34
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