Loading Media Takes Hours to Display


Hello, I have defined a property in my model:

public virtual IList Brochures { get; set; }

In the CMS, when I try to pull in a .pdf from the media tab and publish, it is taking several hours before it appears on the website. However, if I restart the app pool, it shows right away. Could this be a caching problem? If so, what are the settings in the web.config I need to concentrate on?


Nov 02, 2017 0:36

Sounds like a cache invalidation problem(if you have multiple servers that is).

Edited, Nov 02, 2017 14:24

Thank you for your reply. We do not use multiple servers unfortunately. Also, it refreshes immediately on my local instance. I've compared the web.config settings and don't see anything that could cause the delay. 

Nov 02, 2017 19:15

Are you using OutputCache by any chance? :)

Nov 02, 2017 19:17

We are. Here is what is looks like:

          <add name="ClientResourceCache" enabled="true" duration="3600" varyByParam="*" varyByContentEncoding="gzip;deflate" />
Nov 02, 2017 19:20
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