Change language in editmode not working in load balanced environment


We have our new installation of Epi CMS 10.3.2 on a load balanced environment. The name of the load balancer is F5 (

The problem is that the editors can't change language from the plugin "Versions" and from the top of the cms where there is links to all the languages for this page (not sure what this top part is called :)).

But :) it works when the editors use "Sites" and change language and if the editors uses the real servers behind the load balancer. Now there is some differences between these two. When changing language from the plugin or from the top part of the cms the browser redirects to /secure/cms?language=[LanguageCode]. Unfortunaly this doesnt change the language and the browser doesnt get any error pages but the language isnt changed its still the same language as before. When changing language from "Sites" the browser posts the new language instead of redirecting to /secure/cms?language=[LanguageCode]. This works and the language has changed.

We're thinking that it is the load balancer that is the problem here, because it works fine in our development environments. No problems with changing language.

So before diving too deep into the "load balancing" world. If anyone have had any similar experiences with a load balanced environment? Or any idea why this doesnt work in our load balanced environment. The load balancer is configured to have sticky sessions but maybe there is something more that we need to configure?

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Mar 31, 2017 12:26

Any errors in the event log? Could caching be an issue?


Apr 03, 2017 6:16

No nothing.. unfortunately. One thing that i've noticed is the url is kind of telling me that i haven't changed language. 


the parameter "language" is "en" but the viewsetting is viewlanguage:///sv, and i've tried to change to "en" but not quite :) Maybe this bit of info might help? 

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Apr 04, 2017 8:15

Not sure if you already have done it but if you are in a load balanced environment you need to make sure that you have configured each of the nodes to send/receive "Remote events" so that the cache on each instance can be managed properly.

If you haven't you may run into caching issues. I.e changes apearing not to be persisted etc.

There is a useful tool available to debug Remote events in this addon

Apr 05, 2017 15:11

I think the remote events are configured correct, it seems to work :) we'll have an extra look at it.

But one interesting think was that when we removed one of the nodes from the load balancer it started to work .. halfway. The language was set but the content was still in the wrong language, but after a reload of the page it loaded the correct content for the language was loaded.

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Apr 10, 2017 9:01
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