SQL timeout expired linked with netPropertyDefinitionCheckUsage


In my dev enviornment on a new client site set-up I was getting sql timeout expiration message while running application first time occasionally for many refereshes. By digging out SQL server profiler I find out that execution of netPropertyDefinitionCheckUsage @PropertyDefinitionID=7126,@OnlyNoneMasterLanguage=0,@OnlyPublished=0 taking minutes to finish the job. I have worked arround that running this SP in SQL Server Management Studio runs once so its get cached and than running the application to avoid timeout for website connection. Looks like a bug, Isnt?

May 08, 2017 14:02

I recall that SP is callled on model sync at startup when you have a content type property that has been removed from code which of course always is dangerous. You could add it back to code and hide it or find out where it has data and remove the data. Both should result in no need for the call to occur again.

Is it a big database with high count of that type or a large amount of content versions?

May 17, 2017 22:57

Sorry to raise a question in this chain. I didn't find any related chain so posted my question here.

We have mvc projects and we load some of the images for the landing pages from epi-server using global assets folder..
The images are loaded in the html during the run time and are stored with unique identifier in
sql db. Making changes on the web-config works fine for the local but while deploying it is being
overriden by different value.

I tried most of the way instructed in the blog as well.

Can you guide me to find a way to cache these images?

Thanks a lot.

Jun 13, 2017 17:28
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