Whitelisting IPs in DXC sites


We have a DXC set up that I have a need to be able to whitelist IPs for. As it stands we are using IP Sec but as we bring more sites online in the multi site setup, it will become a problem.

As part of the investigation we've seen that it could be possible to read from a file or database if the SQL provider is added to the rewrite mod. Is this something that is possible to request for DXC? So far we can't get a definitive answer.

My second question, interelated, is how we handle URL rewrites - again its been suggested we use the web.config but as we have a lot of historic URLS that need redirecting, we are concerned that it will negatively impact site performance. Is there a better approach we could take?

Thanks in advance!

May 17, 2017 16:23

Have you asked Managed Services? I would guess there are some options available within Cloudflare CDN.

Rewrite rules in web.config is super fast compared to options within the site.

May 17, 2017 22:07

Managed services should be able to help you with whitelisting IPs.

For redirects you can also use the BVN.404handler module which can be installed from nuget. That way content authors can add redirects from the CMS if they want to.


May 20, 2017 18:47
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