Weird Behavior of Widget in folder selection



I am creating custom widget and have folder structure


 |--------Content Folder

 |-------------Spredfast Folder

 |------------------Spredfast Date Folder

The widget list the folder and content correctly but when i select the spredfast Date Folder it resets the selection to Conent Folder which is the top most folder under sys root.

Please see the video/gif attached.

    public class SocialRepositoryDescriptor : ContentRepositoryDescriptorBase
        protected Injected ContentProviderManager { get; set; }

        public override string Key => SocialContentProvider.Key;

        public override string Name => SocialContentProvider.Key;
        public override IEnumerable Roots { get { return new List { ContentProviderManager.Service.GetProvider(SocialContentProvider.Key).EntryPoint }; } }

        public override IEnumerable ContainedTypes { get { return new[] { typeof(TwitterContent), typeof(InstagramContent) }; } }

        public override IEnumerable MainNavigationTypes { get { return new[] { typeof(ContentFolder), typeof(SpredfastFolder), typeof(SpredfastDateFolder) }; } }

        public override IEnumerable CreatableTypes { get { return new[] { typeof(TwitterContent), typeof(InstagramContent) }; } }

        public bool ChangeContextOnItemSelection { get { return true; } }


    public class SocialComponent : ComponentDefinitionBase
        public SocialComponent()
            : base("epi-cms/widget/HierarchicalList")
            Categories = new string[] { "content" };
            Title = "Social";
            Description = "All the social for the given site";
            SortOrder = 1000;
            PlugInAreas = new[] { PlugInArea.AssetsDefaultGroup };
            Settings.Add(new Setting("repositoryKey", SocialContentProvider.Key));

Url to see wierd widget selection


Jun 28, 2017 7:06


The issue was with SocialContentProvider.Key the value was Social and somehow in Dojo scrip the providername was getting transformed to lowercase social. Therefore, it was not working porperly. Chaning the name with all lower case or first character to be lower solved the issue.

Jul 06, 2017 6:45
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