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Displaying data based on Role


I have a sharePoint application where we are displaying data based on role, loggedin user has. After login, we are filtering Sharepoint data based on user role type. Currently we are in process to migrate the aplication to EPiServer. We can migrate the data in form of pages or blocks. But What is the best way to filter the data based on User Role. Example: Display some content like Image, promotions for specific roles only.

Also we are storing lot of configuration values in SharePoint list. Can anyone help regarding waht is the best way to store these type of information in EPiServer. Page type or Dynamic Data Store or Custom Database.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.


Edited, Jul 14, 2017 6:46
Jul 14, 2017 6:48

Episerver has native personalisation features called 'Visitor Groups' which will allow you to do exactly what you're looking for. Visitor Groups allows you to segment your users into editor-defined groups (based on criteria such as user profile, location, time of day - though you can also extend and build your own).

Using Edit mode you can then personalise the content delivered in a Rich Text field or a ContentArea (ie you can choose which blocks to show to which different Visitor Group). 

You will need to build your own criteria to match a user's role, but Magnus blogged about exaclty this (using the standard ASP>NET role provider) a few years back

It is also a common pattern in Episerver to store configuration and settings in a 'Settings' content type. Ie a define a content type in which the configuration is managed in Episerver. 

EMVP Jon Jones has blogged about a few of the options (with a settings page being my recommended way too!)

Jul 14, 2017 15:11
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