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EPiServer AB Testing for two brand styling pages of DxC website



I would like to implement the AB testing for the multiple pages of a website. We would like to test the two brand designs experience and collate customer feedback. Considering AB testing can be configured at page versions, I have achieved it partially using inbuilt Page level AB testing along with EPiServer Forms. The winner is picked up manually based on the time user stay on the page and form submission result.

I am struggling to find out the navigation implementation between same brand design page version. Lets say, I have a Start Page A / control page version, the user should be navigated to the same brand design sub pages A / control page version ( AB testing being set up at each page level manually). Same is applicable for B Challenger page versions.

P.S. -> The mega menu (header) and footer is coming from layout page (code behind), no customization in Editor view. 

Please can someone guide how to achieve this? 

Edited, Oct 23, 2018 16:47

So this is an interesting question. A/B testing in Episerver works by testing two different versions of content, meaning different versions of pages, blocks, assets, etc. can all be tested. With this in mind, while there's not a clear-cut, best practice way to do this, we can get a little creative about how to solve this particular use case.

This is what I'm thinking:

- Move the brand design specific properties/variances to a block that can be referenced on the page. This allows you to utilizes A/B testing directly on the block, or just through the property on the page that points to a specific block. You may chose to create two different blocks for the brand design properties, one for the Control and one for the Challenger.

- Check out David Knipe's Visitor Group Criterion for A/B testing: Using this, you can check which side of the A/B test the user viewed, then from there you can personalize the page based on which A/B path they are on.

Oct 23, 2018 19:57

Thank you, the approach looks promising to me. I added the nuget package - AbTestVisitorGroupCriteria to my solution. Though it is working fine  there are two issues -

  1. During visitor group creation the first dropdown shows the "page names - A/B Test". The test names are appearing even though it is complete. May I know why is it not getting cleared from Participating in A/B test first dropdown upon completion ?
  2. Also, getting weird text on both the dropdowns label of Participating in A/B test criteria (after dragging and dropping as one of the criteria for the group creation). The text for the dropdowns are [Missing text '/visitorgroupsforabtest/model/testdescriptionfieldlabel' for 'English'] and
    [Missing text '/visitorgroupsforabtest/model/viewingversionfieldlabel' for 'English']
Oct 24, 2018 14:01

Hello Vaibhav

THanks for the feedback on the AbTestVisitorGroupCriteria package. In answer to your questions:

  1. By default I just listed all A/B tests regardless of status. The code is open source so you can modify it yourself if you wish.
  2. It looks like the included language XML file is being ignored in your solution - can I ask how you are managing language files in your solution?


Oct 24, 2018 14:26

Hi David,

I have just submitted the code change to filter the active state A/B tests names. Please can you review and merge ?

Regarding point 2, the language xml files are store in the location other than nuget package. The language file "AbTestVisitorGroupCriteria.xml" is missing in my solution. All the Language files location in my solution is -> Project -> Resources -> LanguageFiles. Would you like me to add it explicitly in my solution or will this be taken care in nuget package upgrade / installation?

Oct 24, 2018 16:11

Thanks for contributing!

  1. Pull request has been merged and v11.1 is now available on the Episerver Nuget feed
  2. Please add it to your project, it should solve your specific problem


Edited, Oct 24, 2018 16:17

Hi David,

Actually, the changes has been merged to the nugget package but unfortunately, it needs re-build. Please can you do needful since it is failing to load after upgrade to 11.1.0 version?

Oct 25, 2018 12:19

Package updated

Oct 25, 2018 13:02
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