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Merging separate sites and databases into one single DB-mutlisite instance



We have platform project running for one of our customers using a singular code base that is deployed onto separate database instances, one per site (total of 15). This is undesirable for many reasons, and we are now looking into how one might merge these different instances into a single multi-site instance, with a single database. 

My first instinct was to, on a new database, set up each site as you would normally. Then for each existing database import the respective site tree into the appropriate site using import/export data in the admin view.

  1. Is there any inherent limitations to this approach that we should be aware off?
  2. Has anyone done such a thing and see it successfully merged into a multi-site solution?
  3. Is there anything to consider when moving blobs to a single folder? Or can you keep a folder per site?
  4. Editors of one site should have no access to any other site, and they have proper user groups today. Is access rights on each respective page subtree enough? My guess is that global assets will from now on (after merge) be global indeed and accessible by all editors on the platform.

Please share any thoughts or experiences you have.

Thanks in advance!

Oct 17, 2018 10:59

I haven't done anything similar, but I don't see any problems with what you describe. Not sure what will happen if you have global assets with the same path and name, though.

Access rights per subtree works fine.

Oct 17, 2018 10:59

I haven't migrated existing content, as you are planning to do, but I have worked with multi-site solutions. I see no issues with how you are planning to set it up. 

Each site can have it's own "For this site"-folder for media/blocks (checkbox when you create the new site in admin mode). There will also be a "For all sites"-folder. Not sure where the media/blocks will end up when you import from a single site solution.  

Oct 17, 2018 11:10
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