Is there a clone sites feature?


I'm testing the sample Alloy site and ran into several questions. For example, if the Alloy business span across Asia Pacific, I need the ability to deploy Alloy Singapore, Alloy Japan, Alloy Korea, Alloy Hong Kong and etc. The content authors in those regions can input the contents by themselves via CMS.

  1. I'm wondering what's the best way to clone the site and span several sites efficiently?
  2. Is there a method where I can share a common css within the Alloy sites?
Nov 09, 2018 9:02

Why not just use the built in language support and have on site with different language?

Or you can create a multisite solution where all sites can share media and all all built on the same source code so they will share css's


Language support:

Edited, Nov 09, 2018 9:58

Well, although they share the same branding and styling like color scheme and logo, they might not be sharing the same contents and pages. We also cannot use the in-built language for the same reason, let's use Alloy HK as an example. The Alloy site in HK will be dual language EN and ZH, but this EN version is different with the EN in Australia, the contents are different too.

The only thing they will share is the styling and assets. This is why I'm wondering if we can clone an existing site and start working from there, it will save a lot of time. Or the way I'm approaching the problem is incorrect?

Nov 10, 2018 13:44

Hi Caleb, Henrik already answered the possible approaches.

If you want to limit the actual Episerver sites amount (less licenses) then you still can use the language feature (localization, localize the same site to multiple languages).

So for your example you would use en-HK (english in Hong Kong) and zh-HK (chinese in Hong Kong) as the languages. The language version of a site doesn't need to have the same content between language versions.

Besides the basic setup to a language branch: www.some-corporate-site.example (default language), www.some-corporate-site.example/en-HK/ and www.some-corporate-site.example/zh-HK/, www.some-corporate-site.example/en-AU/

You could map TLDs to a language like this:

Edited, Nov 11, 2018 16:47

Thank you for the proposal Antti. I might be going off-topic a little but its related to my second question, we also have sites not sitting within the CMS but they intend to share the same styling, design and assets like documents. I'm not really familiar with the Episerver Content Delivery API, can I utilize this to share my assets to the non CMS-managed sites so that they have the same consistent look and feel?

Nov 12, 2018 4:25


For those cases we are starting to deploy the GUI parts as nuget or bower packages so they can be used in different kind of solutions.

It is pretty easy to set up the creation of nuget packages and it works pretty good

Nov 12, 2018 9:54
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