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Slow initial page load in development


Hey guys,

I've worked on a few episerver CMS projects and one thing about developing on them is that it's really time consuming waiting for the initial page to load after a rebuild.

The build itself only takes a few seconds, but when trying to load a page on the epi site, it takes minimum of 3 - 5 minutes before it actually appears.

Although, once the initial page loads, everything else on the site is quick and behaves as I expect it to.

I've asked around, and other epi devs just say it's something they put up with, but my question to you guys, is this really the case? Do you really have to wait a few minutes between each build to test out your changes?

What are some settings I could look at to improve the initial page load speed? Are there any tools you guys would recommend to diagnose where the bottleneck may be?


Nov 06, 2018 22:21
Vote: is a good tool to diagnose how much each initialization module takes, then you can find out where to look into

Nov 06, 2018 22:59

Cool thanks for that. That's a pretty handy tool.

Here are my numbers for the startup:

EPiServer ModelSyncInitialization Initialize 68634
EPiServer.Find.Commerce FindCommerceInitializationModule Initialize 21335
EPiServer.Find.Commerce FindCommerceInitializationModule ConfigureContainer 43
EPiServer.Enterprise EnterpriseInitialization Initialize 18826
EPiServer.Enterprise EnterpriseInitialization ConfigureContainer 9
Mediachase.Commerce CommerceInitialization Initialize 15659

It looks like the majority of the slowness comes from Epi initialization modules, do these look normal? I suppose the solution is a fairly large so the numbers might be warranted.

Nov 07, 2018 5:15

Then you should use a profiler like dotTrace to look into detail which operations are slow

Nov 07, 2018 7:19
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