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Weird issue with items dissapearing from ContentReferenceList


Hello, I have a strange issue with Content Reference Lists.

I have a completely standard content reference list on a page, add some items and publish. This works fine and the content is rendered on the page. When restarting the solution the items are gone and no content is rendered. 

After Publish:

After site restart, everything gone:

What makes it even stranger is that some times when I have multiple pages with content reference lists some items wil magically reappear before the solution is restarted and they will dissapear again... 

I tried firing up a blank episerver solution with the same version and here it works great. Surely there must be something with our solution but I cant figure out what it could be, does anyone have any ideas?



Feb 20, 2018 9:06

Tagging along here. Currently I'm experiencing the same on a project I'm working on. When publishing the project content disappears from content reference lists.

Did you ever find a solution? If so I'd be very interested in learning how to solve the issue!

Edited, Mar 26, 2018 12:45

We have the exact same problem! Have not managed to find a solution yet.

Jun 14, 2018 22:38

This seems like a quite serious issue and something that we would like to get on top of seeing that there are several of you that has experienced it. I can't reproduce it though, so would need to get some more information to figure this one out.

Has any of you been in contact with support? If not, please do and we can start the process that way.


Jun 17, 2018 23:01

I just sent an e-mail to 

Jun 18, 2018 22:00

Do you perhaps in your solution use any variant of the fallback-attribute? (guessing it has something todo with the ContentDataInterceptorHandler Class)

We have experienced similar problems as described with the attribute and episerver 11.

Jun 20, 2018 13:39

As Johan said, we had these issues using Fallback-attribute and traced it to extending the ContentDataInterceptorHandler. As of now we have no solution. Anyone else experienced the same thing with Fallback-attribute implementation in EPi 11 and have a solution?

If I remember correctly there was strange behaviours on different language branches too, making us beleive it was a standard EPi-bug, but it seems it’s more about the extension of that one class and probably the constructor, doing only base-calls in each method doesn’t work. I guess we give it a shot again in the coming months.

Maybe the EPiServer team has some input in whats different in ContentDataInterceptorHandler as of EPiServer 11 and how to extend that in a way that works!?

It may also be how it is registered for IOC!?

@henriknystrom — guess that you can reproduce at least our issues, that equals the described ones above — by just extending the ContentDataInterceptorHandler yourself or just drag in the Ted & Gustaf Fallback-attribute (with the constructor change from the comments) and register it. And drag blocks with Fallback-attributes into a ContentArea that is culture specific. We had Swedish and English.

Keeping code but remove the IOC-registration of Fallback-attribute made everything work out of the box.

The thing is — I like the Fallback-attribute — though... 😉

Another feature request — add the Fallback-attribute to the official Nuget-packages and provide a supported implementation... 👍😉

Edited, Nov 29, 2018 17:52
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