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XhtmlString not valid XML?



I am trying to load the contents of an XhtmlString property in a XDocument so I can filter/change certain HTML elements, like changing a script into a div with some data-attributes. I would rather do the filtering this way than use RegExps for it.

I noticed that the XhtmlString contains non-closed elements, ie:

Ofcourse I could preprocess the string before loading it into a XDocument for processing, but find that an ugly solution. I wonder if there is some way in Epi that I can make sure that the XhtmlString is indeed valid XML without the need to preprocess it?

Mar 24, 2018 16:21

:) welcome to "html is not xml hell". more detailed description about the case here.

long story short - don't do that. html is not xml. instead - you can use some other library to do the heavy lifting (like HtmlAgilityPack or similar).

Mar 24, 2018 20:34

Hi Valdis,

Thanks for your suggestion. I am now trying out HtmlAgilityPack for this, and rewriting the Xhtml string contents seems to work quite well. I do see weird behaviour though when newing up a new XhtmlString with the modified XHTML as string; some element may just disappear after having loaded the string into a XhtmlString, like a empty <div> element? Any idea what could be causing this?  

Mar 25, 2018 11:23

TinyMCE might sometimes try to "fix" the text's html.
Are you using the old or new version of Tiny?

Mar 26, 2018 7:23

I am changing the XhtmlString property data in code; I assume TinyMCE only applies any changes when working through the GUI? 

Mar 26, 2018 8:33

True, then sorry I do not have any idea

Mar 26, 2018 9:39

I just visited `HtmlStreamReader` type (which seems to be closely related to the question asked). I don't want to re-visit that type anymore anytime soon ;) So, sorry. I might need to digest code I saw and try to look for your answer later..

Mar 27, 2018 17:12

Html Agility pack did the trick for me in the end. It is quite easy to load its Document with the contents of an XhtmlString, replace/remove certain nodes, and then write the result HTML back into an XhtmlString. 

Apr 09, 2018 8:36
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