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Restict Content Area to Only Allow Global Blocks


Hi guys,

Wondering if anyone has come across a method of restricting a content area to only allowing global/shared blocks in the content area. 

Any help would be appreciated.


Jul 18, 2018 18:34

Hi David

Have you considered using an IValidator<T>? 


Jul 18, 2018 21:27

I was going to answer the same about IValidator of T, but would be great to have more human friendly UI -> that dropping is enabled only for allowed blocks. this might involve spelling some dojo magika..

Jul 19, 2018 5:55

Hi guys,

Yes sorry I should've expanded on my question really.. was more wondering whether there were a way to remove the "Create a new block" option within the content area - and hence restricting it down to only allow shared blocks essentially. 


Jul 19, 2018 10:30

Hi David.

Other Episerver friends of ours has done something you'll find useful.

Try and have a look here:

Please note; it does not mean editor simply can't create a new block through the Asset pane, under "For This Page". 

/Casper Aagaard Rasmussen

Edited, Jul 19, 2018 10:55

Yes you could do something like this

[AllowedTypes(new []{ typeof(XBlock), typeof(YBlock)})]
public virtual ContentArea MainContentArea { get; set; }


solution is to add an interface to the block:

public class SliderBlock : INotAvailableContent {}

The interface and descriptor:

public interface INotAvailableContent { }

public class NotAvailableContentDescriptor : UIDescriptor<INotAvailableContent> { }

The ContentArea defintion:

[AllowedTypes(RestrictedTypes = new[] { typeof(INotAvailableContent) })]
public virtual ContentArea MainContentArea { get; set; }

Now you can easy add INotAvailableContent for ContentAreas and blocks to avoid them.

Edited, Aug 07, 2018 14:58

Hey David

This may be exactly what you are looking for:


Aug 09, 2018 14:00
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