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changing language in edit mode, loads by http instead of https - mixed content warning


Hi, i have a website "", 

when i go into the backend, the english page shows perfectly well, no issues there.

I can see the preview of the page and everything. 

Then i try to change to the danish site, and it changes fine, but now the preview doesn't work. 

in the console it says the preview was loaded over http, and not https, and therefore sends a mixed content warning, and blocks the preview.

How do i get it to show the preview ?

how do i make it so changing the language of the page, doesn't load over http ?

I am using Episerver 6. 

Edited, Aug 06, 2018 11:35

If I remember correctly there is some attribute on some element in web.config (or episerver.framework.config) like UiUrl (or similar). I think if you change that url to an absolute url (including scheme and host) then that is what is going to be used in edit/admin mode.

Aug 07, 2018 8:06

Since i have 3+ sites on this same solution, would making an absolute URL, not interefere with this ?

Aug 07, 2018 12:58

It seems making absolute urls would not work, since i have a multisite solution. 

I tried adding https or :443 on the urls in episerverframework.config, which caused a yellow screen.

Edited, Aug 07, 2018 14:36
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