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CMS Search on Plugin Custom Content Repository


CMS - 11.4.0

Commerce - 11.8.2

Find - 12.7.1

I have created a custom plugin to appear in the left pane:

    public class InstallerRepositoryDescriptor : ContentRepositoryDescriptorBase
    public class InstallerRoot : ContentAssetFolder
        public override void SetDefaultValues(ContentType contentType)

        public class InstallerRootDescriptor : UIDescriptor
            public InstallerRootDescriptor() : base("epi-iconPeopleContextual") { }

Etc... this is all working as expected

The issue I am having is using the CMS search box to easily find the content. The site is using Find out of the box and it works for pages without issues, just not this custom repository.

I have used fiddler and when using the search box for Pages the call is:


But when using the search box on the custom tab the call is:


The only difference I can see is the providerId, one using Find_Cms_Search and the one not working using Find_Commerce.

Is this a know bug/issue/limitation or do I need to do something to get the CMS Search working on this custom content repository.

I can confirm that this content is indexed correctly in Find

Edited, Aug 17, 2018 13:04

You can confirm the context is indexed correctly in Find by using the Find \ Overview interface within the authoring environment. Locate your indexed items through either the search or the content type navigator, and then peek in to the details of the indexed item in the main pane.

Aug 20, 2018 2:23

Hi Marcus,

As I stated everything is getting indexed in find and I have confirmed this through the overview interface already.

The issue is the cms search - which uses find - can't find the content.

I am guessing ite because (as per my OP) its using the wrong providerid, for some reason it wants to use


Rather than 


This is my guess. Either way the content is in Find but search cannot find it.

Aug 20, 2018 9:53
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