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Calenderblock or similar in Epi CMS 11?



Is there any calender-block or functions to start from if you want to build a calender in Epi CMS version 11? 

We want to build a calender in Epi CMS which you can add events to in Epi Backoffice. 

/Br. Andreas

Jan 25, 2019 9:31

Might not be the approach that you are asking about but you could make use of something like the Scheduler from the Kendo UI tools: 

Jan 25, 2019 16:00

I've also used blocks to feed data to the JavaScript calendar from as seen here 

public class CalendarItemBlock : BlockData

Name = "Title",
Description = "Calendar Item Title",
GroupName = SystemTabNames.Content,
Order = 10)]
public virtual string Title { get; set; }

Name = "Description",
Description = "Calendar Item Description",
GroupName = SystemTabNames.Content,
Order = 20)]
public virtual XhtmlString Description { get; set; }

Name = "Start Date",
Description = "Calendar Item Start Date",
GroupName = SystemTabNames.Content,
Order = 30)]
public virtual DateTime Date { get; set; }

Name = "End Date",
Description = "Calendar Item End Date If Necessary",
GroupName = SystemTabNames.Content,
Order = 35)]
public virtual DateTime EndDate { get; set; }

Name = "Is All Day",
Description = "Event Is All Day",
GroupName = SystemTabNames.Content,
Order = 40)]
public virtual Boolean IsAllDay { get; set; }

Name = "Url",
Description = "Calendar Item Url",
GroupName = SystemTabNames.Content,
Order = 50)]
public virtual Url Url { get; set; }

Jan 25, 2019 16:11
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