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Looking for Steps needed to be performed for Episerver version upgrade form 11.12 to latest version in DXC environment



 I am Looking for Steps needed to be performed for Episerver version upgrade form 11.12 to latest version in DXC environment.

Could please tell me the steps.

And Should i run the command -" update-epidatabase"  ? But if i run this then it will effect my local database how it will effect dxc enviornment databases.

Could you please help me to give these above answer.



Dec 21, 2019 15:10

Just update the nuget packages, and for updating database schema, just use the updateDatabaseSchema attribute on episerver.framework in web.config?

<episerver.framework updateDatabaseSchema="true">
Dec 21, 2019 20:24

Thank you very much Thomas for your answer and help.

I need to know one more thing as mentioned below .

After upgrading  epi version  in Local machine  if  i want to commit this into VSTS code repository  Should  I commit only package.config and web.config files or i need to commit  other folder  and DLL and changed code files  ?

Dec 22, 2019 7:40
- Dec 22, 2019 8:39
The packages-folder is normally excluded from source control.

Hi Sourav,

Please follow the instruction provided by Episerver.

  1. First update the indivisual package to latest version and also update its dependent package. Using Nuget package manager or package manager console. See more information here -
  2. add "updateDatabaseSchema="true"" in "episerver.framework" as already mentioned by Tom.
  3. Commit only the updated package.config, updated web.config and any code changes that you made because of breaking changes etc..
Dec 22, 2019 17:28

Thank you very much  Ravindra.

Dec 23, 2019 8:49

In addition to what Ravindra and Tomas mentioned, if you are on an Episerver DXC, then by default DXC platform sets an appsettings called "AutoMigrateEPiServer" to "true" (if it is not, then you may request them to set the value to true). It ensures you do not need to include updateDatabaseSchema=true on your episerver framework config as it is a file usually shared among developers and it is a process developers may prefer controlling the the execution ondemand instead of auto-executing it.



Dec 23, 2019 18:59

You can't run update-epidatabase on Azure or DXC as you don't have VS there. The answer above is correct, the recommended way is to add updateDatabaseSchema=true to episerver.framework (the setting is actually added to address that problem). You can also point your connectionStrings to production database and run update-epidatabase, but that is not the best way.

AutoMigrateEPiServer is only needed if you are running Commerce, and even with Commerce it's not required. You will be able to access to migrate view to run the migration steps manually

Dec 25, 2019 3:26
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