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Azure AD setting access within episerver


Hi All,

I have changed our authentication to connect to Azure AD. I've followed all of the instructions on OWIN security but am having an issue with "set access" within the CMS.

I can authenticate and login to the CMS as WebAdmins, but when I go to admin-> set access and search groups, it only returns the AD groups that I am a member of, not all of the groups, which is what we need to allocate access.

Any ideas?



Feb 07, 2019 21:48
  1. Did you click the little button "Add User/Groups" in the set access rights? As you need to add the groups/users first before you can set the rights for them.
  2. Theres an issue I reported that even with OWIN/Azure users turne on the underlying providers can return only the identity users/groups. See my blog for a workaround 
Feb 08, 2019 13:15

Yep, clicking the "add user/groups" button, then searching for groups only returns groups that I am a member of.

I'm expecting it to return all AD groups? not just the ones I am a member of.

In the manifest file. I have set 

"groupMembershipClaims": "All",
The application has been given the permissions "Read directory data" then delgated permissions: Sign in and read user profile, Read all users' basic profiles, Read all users' full profiles,Read all groups,Read directory data 
And I have done the "grant permissions" gotcha. 
But it makes no difference. I am using the alloy mvc solution as a base with the modifications found on world to configure azure ad.
Any suggestions?

Feb 15, 2019 0:25

From what I've looked at with the user/role sync services only the roles that come back in users claims are created in to the system. I'd suggest give a user all roles and logging in and seeing if this creates the roles for you. It's a dirty workaround but might work

Feb 15, 2019 10:57
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