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Cannot externally link pages from one directory into another, episerver bug?


Using episerver 11. 

structure is as follows: 


     +directory 1

     +directory 2

Trying to link a sentence in a rich text blog in directory 1, to  an article in directory 2. have tried linking via page and external links, the page just 404's when clicked and the external link will not save. 

Is this because they are in seperate directories? For the life of me I cannot work out what the issue is, feels like a bug as it seems to defy logic. 



Edited, Jul 04, 2019 10:09

Hi Andy,

There shouldn't be an issue in linking to content in different directories, in fact you can even link between sites if you're running multiple sites fom the same instance of Episerver. I think the only situation where I've seen the behaviour you describe is where the content being linked hasn't been published. Also it looks like you're referencing content which sits below the root of the system rather than within a site. Do you have at least 1 site configured in that instance of Episerver?

Jul 04, 2019 12:05

Hey Paul! 

Thanks for the response. All relevant content has been published and can be viewed in and out of episerver log in. The two directories are both live and published sites, infact directory 2 is a direct clone of the first one that the client uses to publish articles and news reports etc.

Truly stumped! 


Jul 04, 2019 12:12

Hmm, ok. So, if we say you have a structure like the following:

  • Site
    • Directory 1
      • Article 1
    • Directory 2 
      • Article 2

The scenario is that you want to add a link in a standard WYSIWYG field on Article 2 to link to Article 1.

If you open the site in an incognito window, can you access both Article 1 and Article 2 directly as expected?

If you use the "page" option when creating the link in article 2 then publish and view article 2, what is the URL on the link? Is it the same as the URL if you were to go to Article 1 directly?

Jul 04, 2019 13:26

Hi AndyStav,

Are those two different sites? Your structure of site have 2 directories under the Root, What is your home page structure (if they are two different sites). And have you tested adding the page link from the same directory? Is that working or same issue?


Edited, Jul 05, 2019 4:56

hi all, 

Sorry for the late response and thank you for your replies. 

they are indeed 2 different sites, and they have 2 different directories under the same room.  I have tested adding the page link from the same directory and that works fine, its just linking from one directory1 to directory2 that seems to be the problem. 

Bizarelly enough, this isnt an issue when i try this locally, but  on QA, UAT and Prod it refuses to link out! just 404's! 

Any ideas? 

Jul 10, 2019 16:40

In Admin mode, do you have an entry with a host name of '*' in the Host Names list?

(This is in the Manage Websites option under System Configuration on hte Config tab)

I've seen in the past that URLs misbehave without this entry

Jul 11, 2019 14:16
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