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Episerver Core - PropertyList class <T> - update issue


On updating Episerver core to the latest version v11.13.0.0, the ParseToObject method in the PropertyList<T> class is removed. Kindly suggest an alternate for this method.

Thanks in advance.

public class PropertyListBase<T> : PropertyList<T>
public PropertyListBase()
objectSerializer = this.objectSerializerFactory.Service.GetSerializer("application/json");

private Injected<ObjectSerializerFactory> objectSerializerFactory;
private IObjectSerializer objectSerializer;

protected override T ParseItem(string value)
return objectSerializer.Deserialize<T>(value);

public override PropertyData ParseToObject(string value)
return this;

Edited, Sep 18, 2019 12:52

Earlier versions you needed this base class, but you no longer do. You can delete it. Now you can simply do:

[PropertyDefinitionTypePlugIn] public class LocationsProperty : PropertyList<Location> { }

You can read more details about the updated propertylist here

...and if you use it on a POCO class that has urls remember to decorate that field with to avoid serialization errors (url wont be saved correctly) 

[Display(Name = "Favorite", Order = 200)]
public virtual Url FavoriteLink { get; set; }
Edited, Sep 18, 2019 14:45
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