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Episerver product data export


Hi there, 

First of all, I am not a developer, so I'd appreciate layman's terms for anyone talking code :) 

I have used multiple CMS over the years (Sitecore, Magento, Adobe, ATG etc.) and I have been able to very simply export product data in bulk from the CMS. 

E.g. if I wanted to see which products did not have a product description, I could export all products with their descriptions in CSV format, then filter the product description column to blank. 

Currently we're having to make manual updates to thousands of products and it's incredibly laborious and impractical. I'd see the ability to export and import product data in bulk as fundamental in any Ecommerce CMS. 

I've been stumped when trying to work out how to do this in Episerver. Developers haven't been able to provide answers. 

Does Episever require a plugin for this? Has anyone worked out how to do this? 

Any help/advice appreciated. 

Thank you

Mar 03, 2020 17:00

There is no built in feature for that, but you can build one easily by iterating over the products. Check out my book for example code of doing so

Mar 03, 2020 20:32

Hi Adam,

As Quan says, there's not really anything built in for that so it would require some development work. There is a CSV import feature however it can be quite fiddly to set up and there's no matching csv export feature which limits its usefulness. It's mainly aimed at manually loading in product data from external systems on an ad-hoc basis (where it wouldn't be worth an integration). There's also an import/export feature however it uses a zipped XML file format which wouldn't be much use for what you're describing.

I think the closest out-of-the-box tool to what you're looking for would be the batch update tool in commerce manager. Though it doesn't provide import/export capability, this tool allows you to select a field you're interested in for a given product type and update that field across a list of products at once.

Mar 04, 2020 15:03
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