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Episerver DXP Multisite using subfolder urls


Hi Team, does Episerver CMS on DXP support the following requirement:

Requirement: Separate sites defined on Epi CMS instance using same domain but separate subfolder/virtual paths. (site 1) (site 2) (site 3)

Our settings/configurations are mapped at the site level at this time so trying to avoid refactoring using a single master site.

Subdomains are not an option for us at this time unfortunately.

Mar 12, 2021 21:24

I don't think so.

Maybe you can work out something using rewriteRules where you change to an internal-only sub domain.

That does sound a bit shaky though and your probably will notice areas where the internal URLs are have leaked.

Or maybe Managed Services can help with a similar setup but using Cloudflare.

Mar 13, 2021 7:18

I think you can achieve this by using MVC areas on the Episerver website. Each area will represent a single site.(like area = BrandA)

I come across a great blog on how to build multisite using MVC areas. Although the scenario mentioned in the blog is not exactly similar to yours but close enough. 

Mar 14, 2021 14:06
Johan Kronberg - Mar 14, 2021 21:25
Might miss something but Chris is not addressing the URLs and host definitions? He just shows how to set up sites to to use different templates.
Naveed Ul-Haq - Mar 15, 2021 0:10
True - but according to Jose he didn't want to set different domain for each sites.
All sites uses same domain []
The difference will be subfolder such as BrandA, BrandB. MVC areas can easily be created with name BrandA...

Same domain but the sub directory paths would be individual site definitions in the CMS using shared templates.

Majority of our settings are at the site Level currently and we were hoping to avoid refactoring at this time. (Ex. migrating settings to subfolders/brand pages)

The MVC areas solutions seem like a good idea for a master/multi brand approach with single site definition.

Also, thank you for the quick responses! Really appreciate it.

Edited, Mar 15, 2021 0:51
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