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Erratic behavior in Episerver implementation



Our users experience erratic behaviour with the implementation of the latest website made with Episerver (Release 11 from 3 month ago).

Occasionally when some our users create a Shortcut Url, or link to a PDF-document (or any other document for that matter), they can't access the link through the website on the front-end. There appears to be no set pattern in when it works or when it doesn't work.

Sometimes user A experiences this and B and C don't have any problem. Sometimes it's the other way around. Sometimes all 3 users have this problem. We checked the servers, the browserversion (appears to happen more often in Chrome then in Edge), the fact that it uses load-balancing etc but didn't find a solution for it. It never happens when you open in incognito mode. Also clearing the cache usually solves it.

It appears like there is some wrong redirecting to the errorpage, but only happens on some users some of the times and sometimes to other users.

We checked Browser version, user rights, windows version etc, looked in Fiddler,  but in the end, we can't find a consistent solution for it. Now this happens in a big organisation with thousands of users so the problem is big enough to be frequent.

Anyone have any idea where to look for when we talk about Episerver. Any specific (hidden) cache setting that might be the culprit?

Any help in the right direction is already great.

Thanks in advance,


Apr 13, 2021 13:34

Is this in the DXP? Or hosted separately and if so is it load balanced, the problems you're describing could be down to load balancing issues where some users are seeing it correct on one server and not the other due to invalid remote event setup.

Apr 13, 2021 14:26

I have seen this happen but in relation to the Dynamic Data Store, when running multiple multiple worker processes. Not sure if that is related though.

Apr 15, 2021 22:02
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