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Multi site or sub site support?


Hi there,

We would like to create a small sub set of pages that have their own startpage and their own menu structure. Does EpiServer (aka Optimizely CMS) support this? It doesn't matter to us whether this is a classic subdomain approach ( or along the lines of

Any ideas, hints, tips or experiences?

Jul 01, 2021 8:35

Yes, you can have multiple sites defined within one instance of Episerver. CMS supports it by default.

To configure websites, go to CMS Admin panel (/episerver) -> CMS -> Admin -> Config tab/ Manage websites. There you can have multiple websites configured, each one with different start page.

Jul 01, 2021 8:44

As Kpkozak said, there's there's multisite features built in. See 

Jul 01, 2021 9:14

Thank you for the feedback to both of you. Just looked at the documentation. Looks good!

Jul 01, 2021 10:10

Quick question regarding this topic. If we go ahead and set up a subsite, can we assign a user role or group that is allowed to only edit the subsite but not the main site and assign users to this role/group?

Jul 26, 2021 12:28
Scott Reed - Jul 26, 2021 13:15
yes, you can override the access rights at any point in the tree to only allow certain roles/users to edit. FYI best practice wise it's best to always do roles rather then every use a user

Yes, you can define a group and then assign that group to the subsite with edit access right. More information can be found here Access rights (

Jul 28, 2021 10:45

Hello again, thank you for the feedback. Just another question as I gather all the info. The subsite will have it's own Startpage if I understood it correctly. Does that mean we can also add a new Google Tag Manager tag for this subsite into the Startpage? i.e. will we be able to track the subsite independently in GTM using the out of the box EpiServer CMS functionality for subsites?

Aug 04, 2021 7:44
Erik Henningson - Aug 04, 2021 9:46
Yes, the sites can be completely separated, and thus have separate GTM tags.

It depends on you how you'd model this, but this is definitely achievable. One of possible solutions would be to have GTM container Id setting as property on start page, and then resolving it based on the homepage. You can have separate containers then for each site.

Aug 05, 2021 6:50

Thank you for all the feedback. I assumed that the subsite will allow me to add a newly generated Google Tag Manager tag either through the Admin config, or by adding it to the Analytics property on the relevant Startpage?

Aug 05, 2021 8:38
Scott Reed - Aug 05, 2021 9:04
Is depends how your site's been built. If you've added a property for the GA container ID on the homepage then you'll be able to render the correct one for each subsite but that's all down to how your own implementation has been built
EpiNewbie - Aug 05, 2021 9:20
Got it, thank you.

Hi again, so we have opted to create a subdomain for the subsite. This CNAME was created for us, but when I try to load it in the browser the name does not resolve anywhere.

I tried setting up the addition website in the EpiServer CMS Config > Manage Websites section but the error persists and I am unable to view the Startpage (even in the backend) of the subsite.

Is there any guidance on what settings the CNAME needs to have? Does it need to point to our existing website servers IP? Or what is required here (a-record or c-record)?

Edited, Aug 30, 2021 13:36

Are you self-hosting this site, or is DXP?
If it is DXP, the support can (must) help you setting up the domain.

Aug 30, 2021 15:21

Thank you for the info, it's DXP am in touch with Support. I wasn't aware that Support needs to be involved as the documentation makes it sound like you just click and go. 

Aug 31, 2021 11:24

So the additional sub site has been set up with the help of Support. However I am unable to create any pages under the new section, neither am I able to edit the new Start Page in "all properties" mode. Any tips on what the cause could be? As a precaution I tried restarting the web app, but that did not help resolve the issue. 

Sep 01, 2021 8:24
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