Catalog structure – grouping SKU in Product, or not



In both Commerce demo sites (Click Talk and Enoteca)  the folder structure seems to be Category > SKU. “Product” is not used and doesn’t seem to be supported by the product listing template. By supported I mean that I would expect that the SKUs would be listed somehow by the product in product listing page and/or in product detail page. This could be different product color, size etc.

Is guess it depends on how you setup the product listing page, but if you use “Product” grouping – would it be best to always connect a SKU to a Product, even if you only have one SKU? This way the product listing page will just list products and not a “mix” of Products and SKUs. Of course this will increase the administration in catalog setup, since most Products will only have one SKU.   

Anyone have some experience with this?

Oct 04, 2012 16:07

The sample site only shows SKUS as you stated, as it is some types of products dont need that relationship.  If you are only going to have one sku per product then there does not need to be a product.  If you have multiple skus per product then you will need to create a new template.  You can have as many templates as you want so most customers will have on for skus, one for each type of product, one for bundles etc.

Since you have multiple templates there is no need to have to worry about mixing the products and skus.  It also depeneds on how the customer works with there data or wants to work with there data


Oct 09, 2012 2:54
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