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ASP.NET Identity on Episerver Commerce site



I'm struggling quite a bit with trying to understand the documentation and getting ASP.NET Identity to run on a Commerce site. The documentation I'm referring to is mainly these two pages (for CMS and Commerce):



I'm also looking at Quicksilver to get some ideas. Does anyone have a working example using ASP.NET Identity on a Commerce site and can point me in the right direction? Should I look at both of these documents to get ASP.NET Identity up and running or since it's Commerce we're talking about only the second one in the list? 

For instance I'm a bit puzzled about whether to use UserManager or a registered IRegistrar to create an account? When using the IRegistrar as described in the Commerce documentation I get an exception saying "Constructor on type 'EPiServer.Cms.UI.AspNetIdentity.ApplicationUser' not found." so something must be missing there on my side. 

I understand that this questions is a bit fuzzy and a rather big topic but any help is greatly appreciated.

Best regards


Oct 10, 2016 18:49

The IRegistrar is used if you want to keep editors and customers seperate.  Quicksilver has a working identity solution.  You need to follow the instructions in the first link to setup.  That means removing forms authentication, adding a startup file and configuring the OWin pipeline

Oct 11, 2016 18:36

I'm trying to do the same thing and having a separate login area and I am running into the same problem with the constructor error.  

Jan 04, 2017 21:30


Anyone found a solution to this issue?



Aug 20, 2018 13:41
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