Can Episerver Commerce subsystems be deployed separately?



Does someone know if you can separate the Order subsytem's SQL tables from the Commerce Database and deploy them separatley to a different Database hosted by a differen SQL server? Did anyone do this? 

While reading this Ecommerce Performance Optimization document I have noticed the following strategy to improve performance:

"Consider running the Episerver Commerce catalog system on its own server. All e-commerce subsystems can be separated out and run independently of each other."

Does it mean that we can separate the Order, Catalog, Customer, Asset subsytems and run them on different SQL servers? Are there any working examples we could look at?

Note: we are using Episerver 10 (latest version)


Edited, Dec 15, 2016 14:02


It could be done in the past, at least with the catalog system, but I don't remember any customers of us deployed succesfully with later versions (Commerce 8+). It's however surely complicated to manage.

What are the problems you are trying to solve? Bad performance on some specific areas? There are ways to optimize the site which are simpler and can yield even better results.


Dec 15, 2016 18:48

We are having trouble managing an Episerver 10 Commerce website with 25+ millions orders (and they will increase to at least 50 milions orders). These are the issues/concerns we found so far:

1. All Commerce Manager -> Order Management screens (Order Search, Purchase Order - Today, This Week, etc.) are cracking (timeout errors). The "ecf_Serach_OrderGroup", "ecf_Serach_ShoppinCart", "ecf_Serach_PurchaseOrder" stored procedures seem to be the problems, i.e. they are very slow. We are considering trying the following two approaches (in the given order)

   A1. Replacing the stored procedures with some optimized SQL code

   A2. Using a search provider like ElasticSearch to index all the orders and then reuse that index for the Order Management screens

2. We are concerned about the front-end website performance when somebody uses the Order Management screens.

Do you have any suggetions for how handle this amount of orders in Commerce Manager?

Thank you for your response.

Dec 15, 2016 19:50

Commerce 10.2.0, which is supposed to be released in a couple of weeks from now comes with a new cart system which will significantly improve the cart performance, and also the overall order system performance as well. I would recommend you to try to upgrade to that version to see if the situations improve.

I also suggest you to contact our developer support service. We will look into the timeout errors to see if we can improve something.

Dec 16, 2016 0:20

Just a note that the new cart system in Commerce 10.2.0 doesn't work with commerce manager. It will work in the nearly future. So, it may not help in the performance case with commerce manager.

Dec 16, 2016 10:41
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