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implementing customer specific discounts


I need  advise on a challenge I have with promotions and discounts.

 implementing customer specific discounts. i.e. 

- Customer A has discount on certain catalogue nodes ie furniture 50% and accessories 30%
- Customer B has discount on certain catalogue nodes i.e. Furniture 35% and accessories 20%.

thanks in advance

Feb 26, 2016 23:53

If you have customer groups specified for A and B it should be possible to set pricing differently. See documentation about pricing

For a temporary promotion I would probably create a visitor group for A and B and apply discount on promotion like

Anyone got a better way?

Feb 27, 2016 6:46

If you are using the latest version of commerce (and depending on your target release date) then you could build your own discount using the new discount engine:

I have blogged about this too (the continious release process has moved on since writing so some minor change may have applied since writing):


Feb 27, 2016 16:06

I am Extending the Critera from David's blog

public class VisitorGroupPromoData : OrderPromotion
Name = "Matching visitor group(s)"
Description = "Customers who match one of the selected visitor group(s) will be eligible for the promotion")
[SelectMany(SelectionFactoryType = typeof (VisitorGroupSelectionFactory))]
public virtual string MatchingVisitorGroups { get; set; }

Name = "Discount Percentage"
, Description = "Elligible customers will receive this %'ge discount off their orders")]
[Range(0, 99)]
public virtual int DiscountPercent { get; set; }

Name = "Categories")]
public virtual IList<ContentReference> Categories { get; set; }


and use that in Promotion engine to evaluate

public class VisitorGroupPromoProcessor : PromotionProcessorBase<VisitorGroupPromoData>
    public override IPromotionResult Evaluate(IOrderGroup orderGroup, VisitorGroupPromoData promotionData)
        //Get Line items from order group and their categories
	//compare it with the categories defined in promotion data

I am afraid, Performance can be an issue here.


Mar 01, 2016 12:04
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