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Promotion usage not showing up in episerver admin promotion module


Episerver Commerce version 9.14

Promotion usage not showing up in episerver admin promotion module:

The redemption is not showing up in the promotions list or promotion edit view. The DB table PromotionUsage has correct entries.

May 12, 2016 19:46

What do you mean "episerver admin promotion module" - a screenshot would definitely help

May 13, 2016 0:03

Sorry for not explaining this correctly. And I have not been ever able to attach screen shots here. It doesn't take from local drive.

So here is the issue:

In episerver ->Commerce MAnager->Marketing->Promotions List there is a column "Redeemed". This contains the value of number of time the promotion has been used by all customers. For us it always shows "0".

I see that when an order is placed, via "CartCheckoutActivityFlow" this calls "RecordPromotionUsageActivity" as well. Per the code for this activity in dotnet reflector it tells us that this activity should be updating the database table Promotion usage. It inserts the promotions record in PromotionUsage table with Status = 1. UsageStatus 1 = used. This is not happening for us. Is there a bug in this activity?

We are on commerce 9.14 version.

May 14, 2016 0:17


I just check that feature and it works normally. Can you see the value updated if you create an order in Commerce Manager (which redeems the promotion)?


May 17, 2016 16:46


I created an purchase order from commerce manager, that had the promotion coupon. I see the promotion applied correctly and promo code with the purchase order but I DO NOT see the "Redeemed" value when I go to Commercer Manager->Marketing->Promotions List.

What could possibly be wrong!

May 17, 2016 19:42


Is it working in 9.6+ version for anybody? I have tried to place an order through commerce manager and it still does not update the "Redeemed" counter for the promotion used.

Jun 01, 2016 22:59


We do also have problem with the "Redeemed" counter not changing. We have Commerce 9.16. It has worked before in our solution but after some upgrade (could be 9.6) it doesn't change it's value.

In db table PromotionUsage the Status value is always 0.

Jun 14, 2016 10:25


I'm looking into this issue. Do you have any customizations to the workflows? Our latest version still works with the redemption


Jun 17, 2016 10:17

Yes, we have customized workflows for CartPrepare and CartValidate and a customized CalculateDiscount activity. When is the redeemed counter updated?

Jun 21, 2016 16:18
  • RecordPromotionUsageActivity. Saves promotion usage data to the PromotionUsage table, which tracks promotion entries for enforcement of promotion redemption limits.

Jun 22, 2016 16:57

We have the same problem. We use RecordPromotionUsageActivity and the data looks good in the database (I see now that status is allways 0 in PromotionUsage) but Its not shown under marketing in the manager.

We also have the problem that redemtion limits does not work. This might be a related issue. 

Version 9.4


Edited, Jun 23, 2016 15:10

Hi, folks

I get a similar question. We have customized workflow, RecordPromotionUsageActivity is invoked, and indeed I can see records in PromotionUsage table, but status have never changed and always 0. How do we use order system: we basicaly create orderds and that's it; then once a day we process response from our ERP system and update processed orders statuses.

Here is a question, who is responcible in such case for updating promotion usage status epi code or our code? (i.e. should promo usage status been updated automatically, like part of some workflow or we should handle it?)

Can you also tell in general at what point promotion usage status have to be changed?

We are on Commerce 9.4.

Thank you.

Jun 30, 2016 11:15

So I think I found the issue.

When a customer actually places the order, this needs to be called. Note that if you only call CartCheckout workflow without the UsageStatus flag then the record is not updated and will not be counted correctly.

We have a bug in Quicksilver for this already.

Dictionary<stringobject> dic = new Dictionary<stringobject>();
OrderGroupWorkflowManager.RunWorkflow(Cart, OrderGroupWorkflowManager.CartCheckOutWorkflowName, true, dic);

Jun 30, 2016 11:22

Thank you Quan! I will try to add the above code as a workaround for now.

Jul 01, 2016 19:33

I tried the code fix above and it worked perfectly fine. My concern was what will happen if the CartCheckout workflow throws an exception. Will it still update the promotion as "Redeemed". But it did not. Which is perfect. Thank you Quan!

Jul 11, 2016 21:18
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