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Marketing (Beta) Exclusions problem


In the new [BETA] Marketing system, I want discounts to be Exclusive per item.

Let's say I've got two discount rules:
 1. Spend more than 50 Euro on a product in category X and get 5% discount.
 2. Spend more than 100 Euro on a product in category X and get 7% discount.  (highest priority)

Lets say I've got 2 products (both from category x) in my cart.

11 x product A  (9.95 euro per item) =>  109.45 Euro
05 x product B  (12.00 euro per item) => 60.00 Euro

Now I want promotion rule 1 to apply to the secord line (product B) in my cart, and only promotion rule 2 to the other (product A)

If I exclude discount 1 on discount2 and the other way around, only the line with product A will get a discount (because discount rule 2 applies, rule 1 is excluded and not applicable on the other line).
If I do not exclude the discounts, then the line with product A will get both discounts applied.

Does anyone have a suggestion how to tackle this problem?

Jun 17, 2016 16:49

Why would you want to do that.  It makes sense to exclude promotion #2 from promotion #1 so both are not applied since #2 gives a better discount.  If you want exclude product A becasue it can be only be used for one promotion you need to change the processor.  We have on the backlog to have the option of a an item only being eligible for one promotion but make a take a bit to get to.  

If you create a new processor for the discount and set the priority higher in the container it will use your processor.  Then you need to override EvaluatePromotions and bring back redemptions for entries that have not been used or only one entry if only one entry can be applied per promotion

Jun 20, 2016 10:35
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