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Show product and variant listings in Episerver view language



If I list a products variants they are always displayed in the default language. If I change the view language to another language the variant list and product lists are always displayed in the master language. I can see that the Name property is not culture specific so it is probably the Name property that is used in all the lists. Is there any way to configure Commerce to use DisplayName, if it exists, instead in all lists?

We are using Commer 9.17.0



Sep 15, 2016 23:31


Some screenshots would be nice - I think you are mentioning the content list in Catalog UI?


Sep 16, 2016 0:01

Yes, that is correct it is the Catgalog UI

This picture shows the product:

Danish view language and but the variant name in the list is still in Swedish. If I enter the variant you will see that the Danish display name starts with Danish but that is not shown.
The next picture show the variant in Danish.

My hopes where that the "Danish 21-0432..." should show in the variants list if the product is displayed in language.

Did this clerafy things?

Thanks Quan!


Sep 16, 2016 0:26

There were some reasons for us to choose Name instead of Display Name: Name is mandatory and it's unchanged between language versions (so it serves as a unique key, like code in this case)

But yes, having the display name in that list can be a nice UI customization. I'll file a bug and see what we can do about it (we might do nothing, unfortunately).

There are some "hacks" to make the list shows the Display Name, but it'll affect other lists as well (like Related Entries). How far would you go for Display Name?


Sep 17, 2016 12:39

I like hacks... :)

Thanks for fileing it althogh I do understand the reason for the us of Name. A display name like DisplayName ?? Name could probably add some strange behavior.

If it is a hack that will be removed on every upgrade, then I guess it is not worth it but otherwise I'm interested. I will just check with my customer who reported the problem how much they want it. I will get back to you.

Thanks again Quan!


Sep 17, 2016 15:41
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