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Pricing Engine



We have a client we need to develop a unique pricing for each product they sell/rent online. I am pretty new to EPI server, but I know there is a flexible pricing engine we could utilize. I would like to just get some ideas on what would be the best way to implement the following scenario for pricing:

  • Each product in the system could be rented out or bought. ( The buy price is straight forward, I don't have any problem to implement that )
  • The price displayed for each product for rent is depend on the Rental Terms and the Rental Period selected by the user. The Rental Terms could be 12,24,32,48 months and the Rental Rates would be ( Daily, Weekly, Forthightly, Monthly ). Based on the combination of these 2 factors we need to display a price. Obviously, if the customer changes any of the factors the price should be updated on the screen and on the shopping cart as well.
  • The rental prices will be updated via aa excel sheet weekly. The prices ( for rent )are in that sheet is marked as a percentage of the sale price. We need to process a scheduled tasks to update the price based on the excel file.

I would appreciate if anyone could point me to the right direction on possible approaches. Thanks.


Jan 10, 2017 0:56


I might not understand every requirement of yours, but I think you can use SaleCode for the rental prices. Let's say 12_Daily, 24_Weekly, so on and so forth. And when the customer selects a combination, you can construct that SaleCode to get the correct price.

Same as updating price.



Jan 10, 2017 7:27

If the rental prices are expressed as a percentage of the sale price - is the rental prices expected to change when the sale price changes?

Jan 10, 2017 10:12

I think that it could be modeled such as months are quantity. The price for one month is what you care. When the client chooses 12 months it will be 1-month price * 12 and so on for the rest month counts.

Rental Rates probably are discounts. So if a client pays daily it gets 0% discount. If weekly, then 5% discount off the price etc.

This way you would have only one rental price per product and it would be easier to calculate in the scheduled job.

Jan 10, 2017 15:36
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