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Order amount discount with different taxes



So I have this problem.

Our German site can deliver products to both Germany and Austria. In Germany the tax is 19% and in Austria the tax is 20%.

I now create an order discount and since I want it to be €10 on the totalt amount I set the discount amount to €8.4. With the tax of 19% in Germany the gross amount will be €10.
I now create an order with one item with the net price €25.21. With the German tax the order total will be €30.

Item 25.21 * 1.19 = €30
Disc. 8.4 * 1.19 = €10
Totalt: €20

So far so good!

Now I create the same order but with delivery to Austria:

Item 25.21 * 1.20 = €30,25
Disc. 8.4 * 1.20 = €10.08
Total: €20.17

This actually makes sense I think. Other taxes in Austria makes another order total and another discount amount.

But I can agree that it look quite strange to get a discount on €10.08 and our customer wants the order discount to be €10 no matter where you deliver the goods. Is that possible?

The Austrian order should then look like this:

Item 25.21 * 1.20 = €30.25
Disc. 8.4 * 1.19 = €10
Total: €20.25

I am not sure if that is doable? Could you maybe create you own PromotionData with a VAT field that can be used when you are calculating the order discount? Or maybe there is another smart way of solving this?

UPDATE: What I need I guess is a order discout type where you can combine currency and country in some how. Suggestions?



Edited, Aug 10, 2017 17:29

Hello Kristoffer

It is actually very much doable if you are using the new promotion engine it was constructed to easily accomendate custom promotions. The official documentation is found here:

I wouldn't recommend having a VAT field thou, but rather have germany and austria as two different markets then they can have different promotions if need be or just different conditions/rewards in the same promotion.

An alternative(harder) solution is to write your own tax calculations:

We have done so successully for several customers who came to appreciate it a lot in the long run. While the episerver way to handle VAT is absolutly correct for the marketing departments it is often much more important to be able to work directly with the price after VAT and actually selling the item for €30 in both countries. The seller paying the differences in tax then but it looks much better and they probably sell more because of it, not to mention all the work time for marketing they save.

Aug 13, 2017 14:28
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