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Show product images in episerver commerce backend?


Is it possible to show product images in the episerver commerce backend on a product(list or details)?
We have out product images in azure blob storage, so I just might have been me not seen the option, because we are not using product images the standard way.

Episerver commerce: 11.2.3

Sep 28, 2017 13:24

What do you mean by "episerver commerce backend" - is it the catalog UI, or Commerce Manager? If it's Commerce Manager, then no.

"we are not using product images the standard way."  -> which way are you using it.

Sep 28, 2017 13:50

Are your images provided as assets in episerver or how do you link them with the correct product?

Sep 28, 2017 14:44

Are your images provided as assets in episerver or how do you link them with the correct product?

Sep 28, 2017 14:51

I mean in: /episerver/commerce/catalog, so Catalog UI.

The products in episerver have no knowleage about their images at all - they are just shown on the websitet by convention based on the product id. So no they are not provided as assets in episerver.

Edited, Sep 28, 2017 15:37

Then I would say no.

If it is important for you I would recommend that you try and implement a custom content provider for your images and apply that convention logic to link your images as assets to the products inside Episerver.

Sep 28, 2017 15:55

It's (officially called) Catalog UI.

So no, not with an easy way. The image showing in a product editing view of Catalog UI needs to inherit from CommerceImage, and then attached to the product via CommerceMediaCollection (aka, become an asset).

Sep 28, 2017 16:14

Of course you can accomplish it, but as far as I know you can't do it without hacking around a lot. (We're talking adding javascript to a property's desciption attribute on the page tag that crawls the id and inserts an image after fetching it by the ID....)

Edit: Above is absolutely not the way to do it, but if you were forced into a corner with a gun and you have 2 developers 1 hour it's one way to go ^^ 

Edited, Sep 28, 2017 16:16

Okay - it is not possible to make it with some kind of Assets provider?

Oct 02, 2017 9:54

My memory is rusty here, but if by default Commerce use the CMS Asset system. It should be able to write your own provider - IIRC some customers wrote their own implementation so they can support CND and such. 

Oct 02, 2017 10:16

Newer versions of Commerce uses the same asset system as CMS you can written your own content provider for images but as far as i know you still need to populate the products(CommerceMediaCollection as Quan said) with contentreferences to the right images in your new provider.

Edited, Oct 02, 2017 15:23
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